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At first Laura wasn't sure why the Shepard had been put in her cell. If the dog was just another guard why not keep him outside the bars? She quickly caught on though when she was gently awoken by his warm tongue lapping at her slit, at first Laura had tried to move away but she realized that that was futile with her bonds in place, after a couple minutes she just let him do his thing, after all how bad could it be? Laura closed her eyes, trying to picture one of her past lovers sucking on her clit and labia, it almost worked but the mutt's tongue was too course and she found herself snapping back to reality, still it was pleasurable and she began to wish her hand was free to rub her pussy at the same time. The dog wanted more than just a few licks however and before she knew what was happening the Shepard jumped on top of her. Again Laura hesitated, catching on to what he was trying to do she lowered her body so that it would be more difficult for his dick to enter her. Laura felt drops of pre-cum drip from his erect penis unto her stomach. Then Laura thought about her predicament, trapped nude with no escape in sight, ever since her imprisonment she had suspected her captors would come in at any moment to use her, she didn't know if they had planned for the dog to fuck her but she certainly liked the idea of him taking away their opportunity to fuck her first, after all he had no mal intent. With some reluctance Laura raised her hips back up until she felt his furry belly against her skin and within several thrusts he struck home into her pussy where he began to fuck her in earnest. Laura raised her bound hands above her head, lowering them so she could hold him tightly. The gag in her mouth stifled her moans but it was clear she was enjoying the Shepard's wild thrusts.
anon747 16.07.2022 at 16:30
lara croft x dog, 1280x800, 2 m 1 s, 46.1MB, mp4
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