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"He won't talk. I mean, as much as he talks, keeps running his mouth, he won't actually say anythin'. It's all nonsense, so he's talkin', but he won't talk what needs talkin'." "I understand, Mr. Bullock. And you want me to loosen his tongue?" "By whatever means ya need. We got a lyin' detector in there too, but the poor thing's probably overworked. My damn head's thumping trying to figure out what he's on about." "How quickly do you need this information?" "As soon as can be. Nutter says he's got bombs across the city, tickin' away. Whatever means, Miss Power. Anythin' you need, we got it here." Her mouth twisted into a small smile, and she nodded. As she strode by the detective towards the interrogation chamber, she simply waved her gloved hand dismissively over her shoulder. "Just give me 10 minutes alone with him... no eyes or cameras." "Right, I'll ask the lads to turn a blind eye... just remember we need him in one piece." Bullock would return 20 minutes later, drawn in by the sounds coming from the interrogation room, and was very thankful for both the two-way mirror and the fact that he'd told his men to stay out of there. His pants were, quite frankly, too tight for these endeavors, and while he was unsure whether she was capable of seeing straight through the mirror in question, the scene before him was simply too tantalizing to pass up on. Too euphoric over his front row seating to prime entertainment to pay anything else much notice, he none the less came to realize why the clown almost seemed more amused than aroused, hearing their muffled exchange through the glass. "So lady... getting closer here... want the big ol' Joker goo inside?" "M-most certainly not!" The clown's laughter, once more, rung out into the room - this time almost managing to drown out the noise of protest coming from the lie detector.
anon747 28.05.2022 at 00:49
Exhausting Resources - Power Girl x Joker, 1280x720, 49 s, 16.3MB, mp4
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