ashe from overwatch swallow horse cumload. Once while setting camp alone for the night, she noticed her new mount was restless and very obviously in need of "relief". She needed him rested for the journey tomorrow, so took it upon herself to resolve the situation. She tried in vain with her hands for the better part of an hour before realising she was going to have to use her mouth. The taste and stench were so strong, but not altogether unpleasant. There was something so masculine about it. The thought of how many mares this incredible cock must have impregnated flashed into her mind just moments before he ejaculated into her mouth. The flow was immense, she had to either get out the way or drink his seed as it came. Her shameful arousal forced it to be the latter. The smell and taste were somehow even stronger than before, yet with each mouthful she gulped down she only wanted more of it. It was so hot, so incredibly thick and rich, it felt wonderful as it poured down her throat and filled her belly, feeling the warmth spread through her. It just kept coming. She felt the shaft pulse between her hands, felt his urethra open wide against her tongue, each pulse totally filling her mouth. When the flow of delicious horse sperm finally ceased, she felt she must have swallowed 2 large tankards worth. As he withdrew and settled to sleep, she sat on her knees, overwhelmed by the intensity of what just happened, the warm sensation within her, and the taste and stench that now filled her mouth and nostrils. She could feel it clinging to her throat, too thick to wash down. In the end what was supposed to be one instance of providing relief turned into an addiction. No man could ever match that stallion for quantity or quality, none could satisfy this new cum lust awoken within her but him, even his overpowering taste and smell she found herself longing for. She soon gained a reputation around her village for smelling odd and for how she never seemed to be seen eating anything and seemingly only buying food for her horse. No one would ever know it was because her belly was constantly full of thick horse cum. On more than one occasion she lay awake at night, cursing the fact she could never be mother to his foals. But she decided to try...
anon747 10.10.2021 at 22:13
ashe swallow horse cum, 1920x1080, 14 s, 4.7MB, mp4
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